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The fastest way to a solution 最快的解决方案
Tips for beginners and experts

Under this heading and starting this month, we will publish regular information that will help you to use our equipment and software tools more effectively. The main accent will be placed on tips and tricks for Engineering / Simulation Tools, and Engineerings.

SIM / KS 94 and SIM / KS 98

Save download time with turbo mode 节省下载时间
Zooming the controller front 改变控制器面板大小
Loop simulation with SIM / KS 98 回路仿真
Standard signals at the inputs 标准信号输入

ET / KS 98 and ET / KS 98plus

Download list of the newest tricks 下载最新应用技巧
Testing the interface 通讯接口检测
Multiple connections 多路连接
Restoring the standard connections 恢复标准连接

KS 92 and KS 94

Measurement of differences with KS 92/94 差值测量
Back-up Control with KS 94 备份控制策略


0-10 Volt output 电压输出

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